What you need to know about bad credits

Bad credits simply refer to the person who can not pay their bills on time. It could be paying up their mortgage bills or paying up a loan. in most cases, if you are looking for a loan in credit unions or banks this is the history that they will check to see if you are someone who pays up their debt, your credit score is what will determine whether your application can be approved or not.

What you need to know about bad credits
What you need to know about bad credits

Effects of bad credits


This is the obvious effect of bad credit. When you are in a financial situation and you need to take out a loan the bank will surely decline your loan.

This is because they would have run a background check on your financials and discovered that you are someone with a record of failing to pay your debts. The only way that people with bad debts can get loans is if they apply for a payday loan.

Usually, the lenders of such loans do not have enough time to do a credit check on you. However, the organisations that deal with credit can still find out about your bad credits.


This is one of the effects that not so many people do not even think of when they fall into huge debts.

if you then go looking for employment especially for positions to do with financial issues the employer will run a credit check on you to find out the type of person you are when it comes to making financial decisions. Bad credits can result in you failing to secure employment.

Accommodation issues caused by bad credits

If you are not a homeowner and you are constantly moving from one p0lace to the other you need to be very careful when it comes to your credits.

Bad credits can cause you problems securing accommodation. landlords usually want o to feel that they can trust you when it comes to paying up for your rentals.


Buying appliances on credit is a norm for so many people. However there a number of considerations that are taken when you want to buy on credit. if you have a history of bad credits you can not buy anything on credit. Usually, the shop owners will need someone who can prove that you can pay but if you do not have anyone who trusts you when it volume to monetary issues that won’t be possible.

It is very important that you pay up your credits be it loans or anything else that you have to pay up. Having bad credits can cause a lot of problems in your life.




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